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06 June 2011 @ 07:41 pm
Best Moments of Season 12 Video  
Season 12 is over and it's time for the best of Video. Hope you'll like it.

Songs: Love & Loss, Triumph and Loss, House of Cards, Heart of Courage
Artist: Two steps from hell & Audiomachine
Editor: CATH
Series: Law & Order: SVU
Subject: Best Moments of Season 12 life
Episodes:12x01 Locum, 12x02 Bullseye, 12x03 Behave, 12x04 Merchandise, 12x05 Wet, 12x06 Branded, 12x07 Trophy, 12x08 Penetration, 12x09 Gray, 12x10 Rescue, 12x11 Pop, 12x12 Possessed, 12x13 Mask, 12x14 Dirty, 12x15 Flight, 12x16 Spectacle, 12x17 Pursuit, 12x18 Bully, 12x19 Bombshell, 12x20 Totem, 12x21 Reparations, 12x22 Bang, 12x23 Delinquent, 12x24 Smoked
Link: "SVU - Best Moments of Season 12"
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CATHcaths_arts on September 29th, 2012 08:39 am (UTC)
Uhm...I've listed them. Look at the end of the video: I've also listed them in this post!